• Mindless posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    • OK, I’ll bite. What is it?

      • ? a brand new dual extrusion head with coolers for the object and the extruders? Cooling the upper part of the extruder can prevent clogging – good. Enjoy the pic – once you start printing it won’t look as good as now!
        for ooze free multiple extrusion in a single object have a look at this

        • It’s a dual extruder upgrade for the Vertex K8400 3D printer from Velleman. I can easily identify it, since I have the same printer for almost 2 years now. It works very well for PLA printing. It makes it possible to print different colors, but more importand, different materials. I tried it about a year ago, but at that time I have print quality problems. After a lot of trouble I tried to replace one of the stepper motors with the one from the dual extruder. And that was the problem. After that I never replaced the stepper motor for the dual extruder. So I never used it on a well working printer. Perhaps time to try it again. Good luck with the prining. A bit excited to see the results.