• Mindless posted an update 5 years, 10 months ago

    The Gearboxs with Bearings are finished too,,,, Testing was very good all the Parts fitted like a Glove with not Post-CleanUp work need except First Layer Flashing–,,,, Im doing up a Hardware List ,,, there will be a Few CAD images buts it all very straight forward to put together,,

    The bearing don’t make much of a difference in most spots but the ones in gearbox do help when a heavy load is applied to the Bicep Frame,,,- PLA+ Extremely slippery to start with,,,, so a very finely tuned printed collar would work just as good,,,, It’s more about removing excess play in all the moving sections then adding bearings

    I don’t think bearing will have any dramatic effect—its not until the load on rotation points get extremely heavy that bearing will have any real effect,,, unfortunately Inmoovs fingers and arms would snap like twigs before that happen –,, so don’t go thinking you need to reprint or add bearing at this stage of Inmoov design–, I reckon there’s still 2 to 5yeras of R&D mod work to be done before bearing will be necessary– ,,

    I Know I have Posted this Pic Before,,,,, But this is the Fished Version EKM-38 Gearboxs
    (*Note -that not its name it just the system i use to keep track of everything)