• Mindless posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    Some more Mod work on the Forearms,,, The Female Receiver (Hinge /Bolt Section) has been Thickened up a lot to make it as Strong as Possible ( there’s still 3 to 4mm Clearance during Rotation Cycle ) — the Interior has been Gutted-Out so only the Servo Bed Mounts are left ( and the Section where i Stitched to the x2 Parts together),,,

    The Top Forearm Rebate/Lip where the Upper Wrist Joins to the Forearm has Been slightly thicken and Extended by a couple of Millimetres so i can Manually Drill holes and use “Insert Nuts” to join this section together ( x3 on each Side) -,,

    The Bicep Main Framing has been Modded very similar to Mr Gael new Version so The Servo Horn has Good Clarence during the Rotational Cycle,,, the Bicep Covers will now need a new mounting system,,,, Never a dull moment when Modding Inmoov 🙂