• Mats Önnerby posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    A litte update to expain the reason that I redesigned the servo pulleys. I use the fingerstarter to explain. In the first picture the hand is open and both lines are stretched. On the second picture the hand is closed, but the lines are not stretched any more. To close the finger the servo pulls about 27mm and releases 27mm on the other end. But to open the hand, you only need to pull 17mm. The 10mm difference is causing the line to loosen. The servo has to pull 10mm fist, before the hand starts to close.

    • Pictures were uploaded in a different order than I expected. So the last picture shows the open finger with lines stretched and the two other when it’s closed and the lines are not stretched anymore.

      • hi mats
        Maybe I see things the wrong way but I do not understand why you have to modify the pully. Set your servo to the middle position than add the pully with a 10 mm offset towards the closing side. In MRL define a mapping that covers the 44 mm range for the full movement with your servo?