• anthony uploaded a new picture: PLA Gears 6 years, 8 months ago

    PLA Gears :
    1 shell
    0.1 layer
    0.35 nozzle
    0.83 flow
    180/185° nozzle
    retract distance : 3,60

    • Hi Antony
      your gears sure look good but the specs about printing are tightly bound to your PLA producer, your print device and whether you are really sure about the absolute temperatures your printer is showing you. I can measure the bed temperature with my laser device but even with this my printer manufacturer neglects that the printer need a way of calibrating the temps and tells me my measurements are not accurate …

      • Hi ! I try lot of settings and pla before concerning my vertex k8400 more temp = unstable layer + filament stuck. I learn the PLA quality and old age change a lot too . I m not sure about real temp just my finger say it very very hot aie 🙂 . I m actualy testing more low bed temp too ( 45° ) It seem wraping desapear completly . I upload soon modified gear about servo rubber cause i mount them with origanl rubber and screw ( maybe is it a bad idea ? ) . Sorry bad english I didn’t like school a lot when i was young 🙂