• anthony posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    Hi robots it’s for your own good ! Intensity sensors . The problem is if we want monitor all the servo , there is lot of wires…

    • Hello Anthony,

      I hope this will give the option to monitor each finger.
      As you can see, the value isn’t straight (it’s now a pulsed signal) because of the 50HZ servo position update/feedback timing.
      I think we need something like a RC (Resistor/Capacitor) network, to filter the 50HZ to a constant signal.

      If this sensor works fine, I will check what I need to update to the Nervo-Boards 😉

      • Hi ! I try to play with vref and gain potentiometer it’s better . Tks I will check your link . If we cant maybe we can do average about min / max / time pulsed signal