• anthony posted an update 8 years, 7 months ago

    Tip i used to print special parts without support like this . Epoxy glue and hotted metal nail inside

    • Still printing, but all looks good to me:

      • great Marten ! i will try reduce print speed with 100% infill . 226° is not too hot ?? I use simplify3d no Wall Thickness settings just perimeter shell .

        • Hello Anthony,

          226° is a high temp, the UM2 has a lower temp as the display is showing.
          And with this temp I get good results 🙂
          Sometimes I set the temp a bit lower, after the first 10 layers.

          Do you have a picture from your end results ?
          If yes, it good be handy to give a better advice where it go’s wrong.

          I checked the K8400 and see there isn’t a good cooling system to cooling down the filament after it’s printed !
          The software “Simplify3D” must give you enough options, to get a good result.
          For me, Cura is good enough for the most prints.

          • ok I start at bigger temp too it better to attach bed . This is it : ( the middle is already glued ) : http://lerendezvousdelaterre.com/tmp/piston_cut.jpg .

            • Looks good Anthony, I think only you need to start the fans from a higher layer !
              I see a lot of warping at the bottom side, this happens when the PLA is cooling down to fast.
              The best way is to start slowly with the fan speed around layer 30 (3mm if you are using 0.1mm layer)

            • Also check that the print bed is close to the nozzle. If the distance is to far, the first layer will not stick well to the bed. The first layer should create a solid piece of plastic without gaps.

    • i also printed all the gears and pistons in carbon fiber/abs, very strong and light and durable.

    • It is interesting to see how 3D printers have improved in 3 years.
      When I started the project, most printers could only print with raft which would have been a pain when assembling together those two piston parts.
      Today with heated bed and good sticking surface it becomes easy to print parts in different directions. Also support printing is so much easier to clean up and remove.