• Constance posted an update 2 years ago

    I have small problems with the mechanism of the jaw 🙁

    I followed the instructions: inmoov.fr/neck-and-jaw/

    I set the servo to 0 and mount the “JawHinge” at 90 ° (for a distance of 1 cm).
    I tested my servo (movement from 0 to 20 °). At 0 °, my robot has his mouth open. At 20 °, he opened it even more …

    Yesterday evening and this morning I spent quite a bit of time trying to resolve this problem, without success. I am not able to have a closed mouth.

    I thought about putting my servo at 90 ° instead (it can go up to 180 °) and looking for the angle that allows a good closing of the mouth.
    What do you think ? Could this be a problem later when using MRL? I don’t think so but I would like confirmation before finishing to build my head !

    Sorry if my question sounds trivial, I am a beginner !

    Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂

    • HUGO replied 2 years ago

      I’m sorry, constance, but I can’t answer that because I haven’t created it yet.
      Greetings from Sevila (Spain)

      • Hi, thank you. Finally my robot has a closed mouth at 0° 🙂

        • Bonjour Constance, je suis curieux de savoir quel était la solution finalement?

          • Bonjour Stéphan,
            Le moteur a l’intérieur n’était pas correctement vissé. En vissant bien la structure à l’intérieur, c’est mieux !
            J’ai du à nouveau refaire un tour de vis car ça s’était dévissé…