• Nikodemus posted an update 8 years, 4 months ago

    Head done.. waiting for the nervo board to arrive.. still searching for local shop that sells the servos

    • Hello Nikodemus!
      Great! did you set leds in the eyes or did you do something else?
      I just checked your Nervo Board was shipped on the 23 of December, same date you did the purchase. There might have been some delays with posts due to Christmas and New Year. It should be expected by now!
      Keep up the good work!

      • Hello Gael,
        The LEDs come from the webcam i use.. i just adjust the to make it round to fit the eyes. Yes.. the delay should be from xmas and new year holiday.. cant wait for them to arrive..

    • Just be careful with price comparison. I once went to a local shop because I did not get the servos as planned from hobbyking and payed about 3 fold for the parts.

      • i will.. thx for the info. its just because in my country they tax anything above $50 and the tax is ridiculous high..