• Sebastien uploaded a new picture: inmoov-doigt-3dprin… 8 years ago

    Finger Starter, the very first things i 3D print. A really good starting point on the InNoov project and robotics.
    If you can do a Finger you can print a Robot :-).
    Nails are paint by my daughter
    Servo base is in PLA and the finger in ABS

    Finger Starter

    • Haha, It’s good that you say that the nails where painted by your daughter 🙂

      For a first print it looks very well printed.
      Have fun with it.

      (I see you have placed a link in your message, is the link bug fixt ?)

      • Hello Marten,
        haha i’m going to open the first french manucure for robots :-), most seriously i think to use this to easily detect the finger position using color detection in the pictures
        I have a flash forge creator : it produce very good print at the begining, but after 50 hours, the 3mm aluminum plate start curving, even with a glass plate under all the print failed. Fortunately a friend cut a new plate of 6mm that definitely solve the problem of this printer.

        Links to web sites or video should now work, the bug is fixed. Tell me if it’s ok for you to.