• Rahul Kumar posted an update 5 years, 10 months ago

    I have 3d printed your arm and i am facing few issues. Kindly help me.
    1. The fingers move in a path that doesn’t provide much applications. I mean the fingers fold at where it begins, but all 5 fingers cant touch each other unless each node has a motor. But I previously tried a different method where a finger is connected with 3 threads and these 3 threads are connected to 3 parts of the finger (top, middle and low). And the same back side. These 6 threads are connected to a motor with a 6 arm support and when the motor rotates the finger move in a path where the bottom part moves first and then the middle part and then comes the top part. I am finding this useful for many applications. But i need your advice on it.
    Also are there any other methods where i can give the fingers more freedom.

    2. When the servo motor is attached near the elbow or shoulder the movement is very slow. How can i overcome it?