• Richard Tracy, II posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    I finished the head and now working on the torso. I tried to fit the pieces but they won’t connect together, do I have to shave the dove tails down; it seems like a lot of shaving?

    • I have to file all the dovetail pieces quite a bit to get them to fit. I guess it’s probably a printer calibration issue but mine is close enough that I would rather file some pieces than risk making it worse by fiddling with the settings.

    • Thanks. I have to chave them down a good amount to even get them to even fell, then I use vise grips or hammer with board to fit them.

      I would figure if your printing the same parts with the same printer, all parts would be same x,y sizing even if the calibration is off. I could see an issue if decided to print using another printer though (which I’m not).

      • Could it be that your printer is over extruding so there is a little more material around all the edges?

        I had similar issue with my original printer. Have you tried gently heating the parts before pushing them together?

    • i thought that too. I saw some elephant foot on the base of my torso pieces. After removing them all around, I still have to shave the dove tails to get it to fit. I’m not complaining, I like the snug fit. I was just curious if its normal.