• Richard Tracy, II posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Does I matter if I print all pieces of the torso and connect them all, then put the electronics in after? I’d like to put most of it together sense I have the filament but buy the electronics as I go. I’m also printing the torso before the arms. Can I connect the shoulders on too with out electronics?

    • Hay Richard,,,
      You can build the chest plates Front and Back and the 2x vertical Centre beams – but “don’t permeant join those 4 section together—
      Normally a permeant Join of anything without having the Electronics/Servos/Wires Mapped Out or a Escape Plan ,,,, is a No,,, No,,,
      You can do a “Dry Run” at putting Section together – Small bits of the Double Sided Tape (Thick&Thin Type) can be very Handy,,, or using small Thermal Weld Spots with a rotary tool ,,, doing this can be very helpful and will save making mistakes on the final build,,,