• Solas Jansen posted an update 3 years, 12 months ago

    Hey everyone. Im still having trouble printing my neck pistons, and they wont thread. What slicer settings are working for you guys?

    • I use .16 layer height. and have just made sure my printer is setup correctly. making sure there is no wobble or ringing etc. The first piston I did was the neck piston and it was terrible, I had to put some dry lube in and put it in a vice and turn it with pliers to get it to move, but after I got me printer sorted out, all the other pistons etc worked perfect first time.

      • Thanks, Mark…
        Ive already added frame stabilizers to my printer,along with some other upgrades to avoid unwanted movement. Maybe ill try printing slower, as the pistons are kinda tall, so might get more wobbly at the top.