• John Hughes posted an update 6 years ago

    Hi. In regards to the Upper Mouth parts. I have the two part arrangement. I these meant to be joined together via acetone or are they held together by other means. I am using pla and I was told I could use acetone to join them. If they are to be glued, could you advise me whether that is the case and by what means. Kind Regards Ian

    • Heres a-”quote” about gluing PLA – and a link to– RepRap –

      Talking to the technical department of Loctite their advice was to use Loctite 401, and although slightly expensive; £21.00 for 20g it sticks like the proverbial pig to a blanket. Just 3 or 4 drops, push together for about 30 seconds and its done. I’ve tried pulling, pushing and hitting with a hammer but its still rock solid-

      RepRap has Tons of info on Basic Stuff


      but a still think he should print the New One Piec Version and save yourself a lot of trouble down the line-

      • Hi
        Thanks for that. I will have a look at printing the part one piece. I appreciate your continued patience. Kind Regards Ian

        • No worries,, all my mod work is based on removing the glue from the building process and using screws & bolts instead because gluing PLA is difficult ,,

          Gluing ABS with Acetone is easy and makes a Bullet Proof joint,,, I haven’t tried the lock tight but iv never head anyone complain about it either –,,, I normally just sand the two PLA Surfaces smooth and make sure they “Mate” perfectly- then just use a good super glue,, it’s all is about getting the to two surfaces to touch perfectly when using the super glue with PLA– ,, but that section has the Face mask that has to be attached that hold the all the “eye section” plus it got the bolt holes for the Side Ears to bolt on,,, I strongly recommend you print the new one piece version since your are printing in PLA,,, no need to thank me all the time I got a few weeks to kill ,,, so I thought I would terrorise the Inmoov site while I’m building my mum a new kitchen and bathroom,,, lol