• Steve Cole posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Hi folks, I printed all parts for my left arm in grey now regret not printing them in white. We use grey mostly in our studio as for some reason it seems to print better. We are printing in pla. So I’ve bonded parts together and am sanding a filling prior to etch prime and paint them shiny white. I have all my servos and a roll of that special cord. I’m looking forward to getting into assembly.
    I’ve built several robots over the years including a full size working R2 D2
    I’m a prop maker / artistic engineer with my own business so access to everything I need. I’m not that good with the electronics side. I’ll need help with arguing and coding etc. I’m uk based near Shrewsbury and it would be good to make contact with other UK based builders
    Regards Steve

    • I’m in Norfolk, UK. I started my InMoov at the beginning of the year. I have complete the eyes/face and am now working on the rest of the head. I’m hoping to complete the head by the end of March, but it’s taking me longer than expected.

      • It might be good to get a group of us together in the uk to meet up and discuss progress and show off what we all have achieved

        • Yes I’m up for that. I’d like to get a little bit further first, but it would probably drive me to make more progress. How can we contact other builders?

          • Hi Steve, I posted up on the google forum about this early this week. There are loads of Inmoov builders across the world but we don’t know each other. The original Inmoov map now does not work and I digested we have a page that we all put our location on with perhaps an email address. With that we could make contact with each other and get a builders meet together.
            I’ve done this before as I have reasonable sized studio so I invited builders of robots from the uk to a meet. We had R2D2, daleks, a B9 from lost in space etc etc. There was a real buzz at the meets ( we had 3 meets)