• Werner Kühnert posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Hello Community,

    Just sharing the fact, that I started printing all day and all night 🙂
    Is there an advice on which servos to get ? Can anyone give me the sizes for the servos to be able to find if the mentioned models are not available ?

    Thanks and Cheers

    • Hello,, are you talking about the ¼ scale HITECH -HS-805BB- which are the big ones for his biceps/shoulders and stomach,,etc.,,, or the medium size for his Forearms..?—or both,,, there’s a million and one servos and sizes out there on the market-,,, I will do I couple of pictures with measurements of the Inmoov servo housing this week so people can check if a certain size will fit- this seems to be a pretty common question and a picture normally speaks a thousand words-,,, if possible try to use the- hitech HS-805BB recommended by Mr Gael- he has done the expensive work of buying and frying Servos so we don’t have too,,,, (unless you got lots of money for R&D to try new stuff out)– hope you enjoy the build—

      • As a start just about the servos for the forearm and the fingers and I will search for the HS-805BB, right now I don’t want to spend a fortune 😉 and thanks for the quick reply. It is just fun to see one part after the other to be printed…

        • Cool,,, the Servo list in the “Hardware Map +BOM” in the “Build Yours” list Mr Gael put together is about the best you will find on the subject ,,,

    • the million and one unfortunately is the truth – make sure you get the right dimensions to make them fit onto the printed parts or be prepared that you need to modify the parts before printing to match your servo’s dimensions.
      you can also find some alternate parts in gaels alternate section or on thingiverse that will fit other servo dimensions. It is worth to spend time on modifying parts as trying to fit different servos into the holders is very hard and in addition you might not be very happy with the result. at least that is true for me.

      • As I have been not very lucky finding any alternatives that are the same quality and/or cheaper I guess I will go with he suggest servos to be sure everything is working fine. I will report the progress. Printing time so far 273 hours and counting…

        • Don’t be afraid of buying the- MG995 or the MG946R,,, about $7 each,, you can almost do one hand for the price of one- HK15298B servo,,, you can always upgrade later on,,,,

        • be sure to have something like this in place for the big servos

          An error in a script and an unreachable neck position – just burned another HS805BB so badly, it burned a hole into the case and I can still smell the odor of death when entering the house.I have added now readjustable fuses for all of my large servos (PFRA 160, Reichelt.de).Hope this prevents future smoke!- juerg (@juerg) July 24, 2016

          you can always run into situations where the movement does not stop (broken or dislocated pot, wires, unreachable positions) and when running the whole robot it is very difficult to identify the servo having the problem quickly enough to prevent damage.

          • Yep,,, I’ll be putting them fuse in place- when I was R&D on 3d printers- id get a “run away” movement command every so often,,, and you never get to them in time before it hits the end of the -X /Y axis of the printer,,,, quickly installed all 6 limitswitch to stop damaging the belts,,,, thx for posting the thread,,