• Bill posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    I ordered the nervo Boards and followed the directions to the letter but for some reason the servos are not responding ? I have been working with Arduino for 5 years so I made a jumper from Board Ground to power Ground and Wala Everything started to work I dont know if anybody else had this problem but I would like to hear about it or did I not solder the ground right LOL Could be ether way

    • Hello Bill,
      I suspect you forgot a welding someplace, because I have two InMoov with Nervo Boards and they work just fine. Hundreds of the Nervo Boards were sold and assembled without this issue. Since you are the first to report such issue, it would be interesting to see more details of your various welding if that is okay with you. Can you post a few pictures, so we can study your solderings?

      • I did find the problem I had all the Servos hooks up backwards lucky I didn’t burn the whole thing up Oops My Fault sorry to bother you

        • Gee, yeah lucky for you!
          I did burn some servos when by temporary non attention I miss connected the servos… One need to make mistakes to learn from it (as long you don’t burn yourself or hurt someone)
          I m glad this is solved!