• zy posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    I use usb driver-free speakers on raspberry pi, which can play music normally. When testing with the following script. No sound, may not be called
    mouth = Runtime.createAndStart(“mouth”, “MarySpeech”)
    mouth.speak(u”I am relaxed”)

    • I ran into this problem on the Raspberry Pi 3.
      Have a look at this video near the start where I fix this problem first.

      • Thank you

        • This is the method, I succeeded

          • That is good to hear 🙂
            Fred’s head is a series of video showing the construction of a non-standard Inmoov head with a Raspberry Pi 3 mounted in the head.
            A few of the videos cover setting up the Raspberry pi and basic testing.
            Both Steve Rayner and Kyle Campbell have good videos of a standard Inmoov head and well worth watching their videos as well.
            You can find them both on YouTube. 🙂