Finger Starter Kit


The Finger Starter kit is a 3D printed ABS product that will let you build and program the InMoov finger.

It is a good starting point in the process of learning InMoov, MyRobotLab, Arduino, servo and programing.

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The kit contains:

1 x 3D printed base support in ABS with a FDM printer at 0.4mm thickness

1 x 3D printed finger parts in ABS with a FDM printer at 0.4mm thickness

1 x 0.70 meter braided 200 LB tendon

1 x 5cm filament for peg/pin use to assemble finger joints (color may vary)

1 x Wheel horn adapter (Servo Pulley)

4 x Screws to fix the servo to the base support.


The kit does NOT contain: -Arduino Uno -Servo motor

Compatible with:

-Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Duelaminove…Check for similar size board specifications.

-Servo motor MG946r, MG996r, HK15298, HK15298B, and more… Check for similar size specifications.

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