Nervo Board + Components

The Nervo board to connect all your servos and more to the Arduino Uno or Mega.

This servo board and breakout mini boards are designed to be used with InMoov, but you can use them for any kind of robotic projects that involve servos and sensors.

If you want to control only the hand, the head or the whole robot, this is what you need!

  • Robotics
  • Animatronics
  • Mechatronics Art

Up to 19 servos if used with a Arduino Mega. 10 sensors connections. 1 PIR sensor connection. 1 NeoPixelRing connection. Connection for i2C ready. Can be chained through RX/TX.

Note: Unsoldered set.

When the parts are on backorder, it can take up to 30 days before shipping is done.

Right Hand V1

A full right hand printed at 0.3mm with ABS.

Ready to be assembled.

It is a good entry part in the process of learning InMoov, MyRobotLab, Arduino, servo and programing.

This hand can be controlled with many devices and for many purposes. The Nervo Board in conjonction with the software MyRobotLab allows you to voice control, kinect control, myo control, leap control, add sensors and much more!

Blue prints are available on for free under the License CC-BY-NC.


The backbone of your wardrobe,  the Official InMoov T-Shirt for a crisp and casual look.

Comes in three different size.

Only European sizes available.

Flocked logo.

100% coton.

Round colar.