Thanks to Shido Xen for this layout sheet.

InMoov Bicep assembly

inmoov bicep assembly

bicep assembly


Bicep exploded. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (


Bicep. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (


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  1. Could it be that the 2nd and 3rd scatch are a little bit confusing ? the elbowshaftgear and gear holder should be on the otherside…shoulnd they? as there is only one version of lowarmsideV1 i cant think a way to insert the potentiometer from this side…

  2. Hi, Stefan
    I agree with you about the gear holders for the bicep. Mine are both on the right-side for both arms (when you look at the robot from the back). The above diagram seems to be reversed. There didn’t seem to be any other way to install the pot-holders in the arm parts. They work okay.

  3. Hi,

    Maybe this question will add tot the confusion. During construction of the torso & shoulder, I noticed the difference between the files for PistonbaseV6 – PistonclaviV3 (right shoulder) and PistonbaseantiV6 – PistonanticlockV3 (left shoulder). I presumed this had to do with the left versus right side of this (excellent) robot.

    Now that I’m going on with the biceps, I thought the same applied to the rest of the parts and I blindly mirrored the parts in Cura and started printing.

    Because the 3D picture of Anar involved the left Bicep, I mirrored LowarmsideV1 and was planning to mirror PisotnbaseantiV2 and PistonanticlockV2, GearholderV1 and ElbowshaftgearV1 etc.

    Will this cause problems?


    • Hello,
      Mmmh yeah confusing.
      The bicep right and bicep left are exactly the same, no need to mirror parts.
      But as you already mirrored, you will certainly encounter some inverted effects in the servo rotation and positionning. However I think these effects should be solvable via the config software in MyRobotLab.
      If you know and understand well the right bicep, I guess you should be able to work your way for the left.

      • Thank You Gael for the quick response,

        Sounds logical, I have to dive into MyRoboLab further, will do!
        First the task of 3d printing stacks of parts and not confusing them…

        As my friends keep asking me if my R2D2 droid can bring beer, Inmoov will I promise…


  4. hello everyone
    I downloaded the stl about 1 year ago and began working on this with my grandson. we had to take a break and now I see there are updated stl. will these fit within the opld bicep connection to the chest?

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