• Gael Langevin posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    Hello guys,
    Here are some more pictures of the new back for InMoov. It integrates a ThinkPad Tablet 8″ which can be replaced with other tablets fitting the same width size specs. A clip on, printed mechanism, makes it easy to insert or remove.
    Access to the two Arduino Mega and the Nervo Boards is easy once the tablet is removed.
    Access to the batteries also have a trap and clip on mechanism.
    I designed also a template to add some switch that can “kill” the robot in case something goes wrong or just to save the batteries.

    • Sorry for posting so fast Just got excited when I saw the pictures from your trip you posted, when do you think you will release them?

      • I got totally excited myself when finally I could mount them on my InMoov.
        Yes I will release them. A few little things to modify, specially where the clavi potentiometer rotates, and also the battery holder needs to go a little lower to let access to the power cable of the Tablet.

    • That is a really nice back. Looks good and will protect all the electronics and hide some of the servos.