• Gael Langevin posted an update 8 years, 8 months ago

    Last night InMoov had something of a Picasso painting…
    Modifying the eye mecanism to adapt a mix of Mat and Bob to be able to use my previous face design along with the Hercules camera and the DS929HV servos.

    • OOOhhhh Yes,

      This is very good news Gael 🙂
      I will soon start printing the head, so your update is just on time 😉

      This week I will receive my new _XT filament from ColorFabb.
      I hope it’s a good filament to use for most InMoov parts, even for the shoulder mechanical parts.

      Other question about the camera, are you still happy with your Hercules camera ?
      Or are there better camera’s to check ?

      • Well the hercules HD does a good job as far as what I do with it. But as I said it would be ideal to have a board for post processing things like tracking, face tracking, object color detections to let the computer do other tasks.
        The Pixy camera would be great but it is mounted on such a big board…

        • I will wait for this camera: https://openmv.io/
          Leon has ordered them via kickstarter 🙂
          This has the same results and is smaller !
          I hope the price is the same like the Pixy cam.

          The Pixy already used a 4-layer PCB, so it would be a hard work to make this smaller 🙂
          Option is to ask for a sort camera-shield mount option.

          • I use the raspberry PI camera in one of the eyes of the modified head. It’s much better quality than a USB 2.0 camera. And the intention is to use the Rpi to do image processing. You can even find a really small version of the camera. https://www.pi-supply.com/product/adafruit-spy-camera-raspberry-pi/

          • @Marten, As you mention in private message the OpenMV could be a nice option because it is python based and Open source which could be easily added to MyRobotlab with no need to use an extra Rpi.
            @Mats, I personnaly would rather a smaller device than having to use a Rpi for the image processing, because with the tests I did using the Rpi the fps processing was slow because of the Arm processor. Same thing with the Odroid.
            Now that being said, maybe when the Rpi is used only as post-processing device, it doesn’t get so much used and gives good results anyway.