• Nanomole posted an update 8 years ago

    Trying out some OLEDS for InMoovs eyes. they react to noise and light too!

    • Woooi, might be a bit scary for children!! But I see the point!!
      Does it blink the eyes lid?
      Nice finishing surface on your prints.
      Did you use car primer filler? Are you printing in PLA or ABS?
      It is what I do when I want a good finish job surface for to gunspray car paint. But it works easy on ABS, unfortunately the results aren’t very good on PLA.

      • Hi Gael – yes the Eyes blink, the iris gets smaller or bigger depending on the light. you are the expert!….yes printed at 100 micron, then sanded and sprayed with car primer filler.
        I have printed all Inmoov in ABS and all the gears and pistons in carbon fiber(very light and strong).

        Thank you for sharing such a great project (which has taken over my life hahaha)

        I agree results using PLA not so good.

        • Hey we want a video of the eyes in action!
          Carbon fiber ABS or PLA?
          I have only seen carbon fiber PLA until now, but maybe it’s a new product.

          Car filler primer is great for finishing on ABS. I use a polyurethane brand, the only thing I discovered, is that you really need to wait to make sure your coatings are super well dry to see if the lamination does still appear.
          The layers of the 3D prints can still appear weeks after coating.
          I had a job for which I had to create a futuristc FreesBee. I designed it to be 3D printed with my ABS printer. Then I coated every parts with polyurethane filler, sanded between each coating to get a super finish result. Last I sprayed it with black car paint, it was awesome, with a bunch of leds inside running on Arduino. The photo shooting and commercial video went super. Clients super happy!
          I wrap up the freesbee in a box to save it for eventual further commercial use.
          Two months later, when I re-opened the box, you could see the layers of the 3d print appearing in the glaze of the black paint!!!
          So now, I am more than carefull with the timing between coating and sanding on ABS.

    • Hi Gael – It is a Carbon fiber reinforced ABS mix. I must say it prints very very well. it wears your nozzle out though. I had to replace my nozzle after printing a 1000 grams of the filament. still well worth the price of a nozzle. I purchased from 3DXTECH in the usa.

      I will do a short demo video so you get the idea. still think I like the eyes moving physically. was thinking of mounting a single camera in the forehead. on another inmoov head I have used your redesigned eye mechanism, which works very well by the way.

      not sure if this is the correct way but after printing i spray a mist of acetone over the part, I do this several times. then I sand and fill several times until smooth. when I am happy with the finish I will apply the final coat.

      thanks for the pointers on the finishing, I think I may not have given enough time between coats – we shall see.

      shame about your part though – at least the customer was happy and the defect appeared later!.

      • for those interested – The OLED eyes are from a project on the adafruit website. you can also customize to how you want it to look. lots of great ideas on there too……

    • nice eyes. how can it see if they are screens? do you have a camera mounted somewhere else?

      • If I decide to go this route, a camera will be mounted inside Inmoovs forehead. the color of the eyes can also be changed, red, cats eyes etc………..