• Nanomole posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    A Desktop InMoov. going good so far. spent time on the finish and added a few BlinkM`s for bling. running off a windows 7 tablet

    • WOW! That finish looks great!

      Does the mesh connecting the clavicles near the neck get in the way of the shoulder pistons?

    • No. as he is not having arms fitted, just head and sensors. he’s as big as he’s going to get!. I have another complete inmoov

    • Wow, nice finishing! How did you do it?

      • printed the parts @100 microns then sealed the parts with Acetone vapor. then sanded several times, they sprayed with filler/primer then glossed. very similar to how rentaprinta finished his Inmoov

    • Hey nice work, looks great!!!! What are your plans for your “Desktop InMoov” ?

      • Hi bob – thanks. you can actually make Inmoov look very good with a bit more thought and patience on the finishing and build. its a great cosmetically pleasing robot.basically the idea behind it was to have a more portable one. so i can transport it and play around with the programming – plug in the power and sit it on coffee table or any room i am in and away you go.
        still has 10 servos and 4 sensors + 6 blinkM`s