• Anyone know what driver is needed for Kinect 360 using win 10? Have tried downloading twice with no results from inmoov. Thanks in advance

    • juerg replied 3 years ago

      I use the primesense library for python to get the depth frames.
      You can find my program here
      it uses rpyc to pass the obstacle information back to my “navigator” python task.
      The robot is controlled from my navigtion task (python) via the rest api of MRL

  • D Scott Baily posted a new activity comment 3 years, 2 months ago

    Very cool! Can you share how that is done in MRL? Would appreciate very much

    • You need MRL with yolo service. MRL team are working for yolo integration in MRL.

      For usage this is an example:

      from java.lang import String
      from org.myrobotlab.service import Runtime
      from org.myrobotlab.service import OpenCV
      from time import sleep
      from shutil import copyfile
      import os, sys


      opencv =…[Read more]