• Balse posted an update 9 years, 6 months ago

    I have a quick question.
    On the WristlargeV3 Part there are slots in this part directly behind where the two heavy bolts for fingers and thumbs end.
    I guess those are for nuts who receive the both heavy M8 Bolts.
    Is that correct??? If so. What kind of Nuts have you guys in there??? I can’t get mine (std m8 nut) to fit. Even after extensive grinding.
    Any suggestions???

    • I don’t know with which material your are printing. But I personally don’t use bolts and nuts, I just print the “bolts and entretoise” and push them in. I’m using ABS.

    • I’m printing with a Replicator 2 with PLA. I printed and used the bolts and entretoise for a while. But I personally really really like the look of heavy metal bolts within the intricate white plastic construction 😉