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    Yes, you need an additional power supply for the servos. I suppose the current would fry your arduino.
    I reused a 5V power adapter. I soldered a XT60 male adapter to the nervo board and a XT60 female adapter to the cable of the power.adapter: This way I am able to take away the current if my servos develop a life of their own.

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    Will Do.
    Right now I’ve my robot down to the hips and start motorizing.

    Merry Xmas und a happy new year to all of yout.

  • Hi everyone.
    I’m new in this community.
    Since I was a young boy I always dreamed of building a robot for my own. I wanted it to look humanoid and gave him the name OTTO. Now, some decades later, I only had a motorized lego hand with pneumatics to show off.
    And then, some 4 month ago, I read about your project InMoov. I was fascinated at once.
    Now…[Read more]

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