• Damian posted an update 2 years ago

    I’m bit confused now about maximum positions of ElbowShaftGear, from my point of view elbow will never go to straight position or am i wrong? i printed latest files and not sure what im doing wrong

    • The elbow will go straight and to 90 degress. Follow Gael’s tutorial here http://inmoov.fr/bicep/ and it will all work out good.

      • I gone rhru this tutorial few times and not sure about this max position, when i bend elbow is fine but when i want straight its not look like in tutorial 🙁

    • I might be wrong but i think you printed the wrong side of the “ElbowShaftGear” or its back to front ,,,?

      • Part is fine, there is only one ElbowShaftGear for both( unless i cant find for right side)

        • Hello Damian, you simply didn’t put the potentiometer on the correct side of the elbow, therefore you have set ElbowShaftGear upside down.