• Caleb posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    Our InMoov (named Andy) is starting to come together! Andy will be part of our display on 3D printed robots at my university’s Engineering Open House come this spring.

    • Cool!!
      Is Andy connected or not yet? It seems on the picture that the cables are still running loose.

      • The connections in the picture weren’t yet hooked up since we had just finished the left-arm. Our power supply (5v (variable to 5.5v), 40A) just came in a few days ago. I’m waiting on a few more pieces and then everything will be wired up. We have tested servos individually, but soon we will be able to test it all together!

        • Very good!
          5V power supply will be secure for your tests. Though I suggest, to increase speed gestures, it is better to use a 6V power supply.
          It makes a difference!

          • Thanks for the info! After some testing, the power supply I have (MeanWell LRS 200-5) allows for up to 5.8v, 38A capacity. I’m doing some testing this weekend and report back if it works well.