• Warren posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Making decent progress. All neck and head servos fitted fitted and tested (just a basic arduino code) as still trying to get my head around mrl. Not using kinect so fired up Fusion 360 and then printed a new bottom chest. Is it just me or does anyone else find mrl tricky ?

    • It can seem like it at first, until you get to understand how it works.
      Most of MRL is based around services, you can write scripts to start and configure service and then link services together.
      I have an all python example of writing a program within the MRL system to run an Inmoov robot.
      You are welcome to have a look at it.
      I have tried to comment it as much as I can to aid in learning how MRL works.
      I run a modified Inmoov, more the controller side of things, but the program can run a standard Inmoov as well.
      This program is a work in progress and does not have as much functionality as the standard Inmoov program does, but it does help with learning how MRL work.


      • Hi Ray. Thanks for taking the time to comment and the link. I will certainly take a look in my quest to conquer mrl. 😉