• Steve Rayner posted an update 5 years, 1 month ago

    I can’t get the fingers to work. I am moving the servo to min position and tightening one tendon, them moving servo to max position and tightening the other tendon. But the finger only moves a little bit.

    I am using 180deg servos, so i have set min position to 45deg and max position to 135deg, which gives me 90degree rotation.

    should the max and min values be different for each finger?

    When one tendon pulls tight, the other is not loose enough to let the finger move.

    • Hello,
      It sounds like you have tangled the tendons somewhere. Inside the finger itself perhaps. This affects the ability to move a finger, because when one tendon tries to pull it also stops the other tendon to release.
      And yes each finger needs it’s own min and max position.