• Steve Rayner posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    I’m about to build my second shoulder and I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do we really need support on PivTitV3 ?
    2. Is it a mistake on the ‘Build yours’ instructions where it says you need 2x PivPetentioRound or PivPotentioSquare? for one shoulder I think you only need 1 (not 2).

    Obviously not real problems, just wondered if these are mistake in the instructions.

    • You do need two, one for the shoulder rotator and one for the omo…. forgot the name of it, but it lifts the shoulder up using a piston while the shoulder rotate is done with a worm drive like the bicep rotator

      • Yes, but that’s a different part. For the Omniplate we use PivPotHolder, not PivPotentio. Don’t we?

        • Yeah, you may be correct….
          Maybe Gael assumes you will forget to print it again when you print the left shoulder or that you will break one ?

          • Ah, I think I see where there is some confusion. Gael shoulder tutorial actually seems to cover some of the bicep parts. So we use PivPotentio in both the pivot of the shoulder and the rotation of the bicep.