• Steve Rayner posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Do we need support when printing BackDoorLeft and BackDoorRight? The build yours guide indicates we do not need support. Cura won’t seem to slice them if I turn support off which is a bit odd. But with support Cura estimates 10hours and 48minutes. Since I updated Cura the printing times have increased a lot.

    • Maria’s back door right and left were printed without support. Each one printed in 7.5 hours with 0.15 mm layer height. They look good in white; now I wonder if they should be black?

      • I went with some custom support in the end. It took just over 8 hours for each half. I’m printing everything in white. But yes I think it might look better if some of the parts were black, just to break things up a bit. Nice thing about this project is you can always just redo and change things.