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    So now we order the servos and start the electronics. Covie our robot with three students who work on the project with me.

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    Thank you Gael.

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    COVIE Our happy #InMoov robot open source #engaging #empowering #innovative . Challenging young minds to #think and #reflect

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    We have had very good publicity lately with our student built InMoov whom we call Covie, named after our coworking group Coverks in Southern Norway, in a liitle town I call home. What is peculiar and very rewarding is the fact that I feel connected to other hobbyists and teachers and innovators, though being from a small town where collaboration…[Read more]

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    Covie! A special thank you to Gael Langevin, the brilliant creator of the InMoov life size robot, and especially Oliver Richter of Germany, who has kindly donated many of the InMoov parts to the benefit of our students- An amazing and innovative project promoting science and technology and creative talent- Take a look at our photo album as we…[Read more]

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    My 14 year old students really enjoy creating the InMoov . Students learn basic Arduino programming, 3d printing and 3d modelling using augmented reality with hololens and virtual reality with the Vive. It is an amazing and collaborative project on so many levels.

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