Top Stomach

You will need to print all these parts
Here is the order I printed them in:
Step 1
1 x RollFrontRightV1.stl
1 x RollFrontLeftV1.stl
1 x RollBackRightV1.stl
1 x RollBackLeftV1.stl

Step 2
1 x ServoBackV1.stl
1 x TStoServoHolsterV2.stl

Step 3
1 x StomGearV2.stl
1 x StoGearAttachV1.stl

Step 4
1 x TStoBackStandRightV1.stl
1 x TStoBackStandLeftV1.stl
1 x TStomRotBackV1.stl
1 x TStoBackRightV1.stl
1 x TStoBackLeftV1.stl
1 x TStoMiddleV1.stl

Step 5
1 x TStoFrontRightV1.stl
1 x TStoFrontLeftV1.stl
1 x TStoMiddleV1.stl
1 x TStomRotFrontV1.stl
1 x TStoFrontStandV1.stl
1 x TStoPistonRightV2.stl
1 x TStoPistonLeftV2.stl
1 x TStomCovRightV2.stl
1 x TStomCovLeftV2.stl
1 x TStomPotHolderv1.stl
1 x TStomSpacerV1.stl

Step 6
1 x DiskInternV3 .stl
1 x DiskUnderV1.stl
4 x DiskExternV2.stl

You will also need the following:

2 servos HS805BB, ball bearings (bb bullets can be used)
You will also need 1 Neo Pixel Ring from Adafruit
Metal bolts M4x16 – M4x25 – M8x35 – 4 pieces

Step 1

Print the following parts: RollFrontRightV1.stl, RollFrontLeftV1.stl, RollBackRightV1.stl, RollBackLeftV1.stl, you have to put them together as shown in the picture below, the parts should fit together without the need of glue (they don’t usually need rasping but if you are having trouble fitting them you can rasp a bit, but I don’t recommend, if you printed it with the correct settings it should fit, tightly but fit), however you should glue it together if the connection is loose (keep in mind that you can glue parts when all is put together).