Step 5

The next parts that should be printed are 1 x TStoPistonRightV2.stl, 1 x TStoPistonLeftV2.stl, 1 x TStoFrontRightV1.stl, 1 x TStoFrontLeftV1.stl, 1 x TStoMiddleV1.stl, 1 x TStomRotFrontV1.stl, 1 x TStoFrontStandV1.stl, 1 x TStomPotHolderv1.stl, 1 x TStomSpacerV1.stl, 1 x TStomCovRightV2.stl, 1 x TStomCovLeftV2.stl

For this step you will need BBgun bullets or something similar.

Put x TStoFrontRightV1.stl, TStoFrontLeftV1.stl, and TStoMiddleV1.stl, together as shown in the picture below