• Paco Álvarez posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    Hello Gaël!! Pleased to meet you and thank you very much for this project!

    I’m going tomorrow to Tokyo MAKER Faire and I’m looking for Inmoov in the program.
    Are you comming??


    • Hi,
      Great! Unfortunately I am not attending the Tokyo Makerfaire, let us know if you see some InMoovers of there. Picture are very welcome!

      • Hi Paco, been to Japan Oct last year and tried to locate an InMoov builder before without luck. But I am sure you will see many other robots.

        • Hello!
          Oh guys! The fair was awsome! I cannot remember how many 3d printers, robots, machines , VR glasses and whatever you can imagine I saw!!
          It was really nice to see that the children are so taken into account in this event. Not only toys but serious electronic boards were soldered by them. 🙂

          With regard to Inmmov, I was really surprised that I couldn’t meet any Inmoover. I also thought that the Inmoov project seems not to be well known yet in Japan (at least, among the people I could talk to).
          Let’s see if we can change that from now on! :))
          I could meet very interesting people like Kato Hironao, cofounder of Japan Rep Rap comunity. I’ll try to get more involved in the japanese maker comunity. I’ll try to do my best to make known the project.

          I’ll post a few pictures but I apologizes in advance for the small number and the poor quality of them. In fact, I’m not a “natuural-born” photographer (I always forget taking pictures) and my phone’s camera doesn’t help at all.
          I’m sorry about the blurry pictures.