• Guenther posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    I am looking for an replacement of the JX servos noted to use for the hand i2. The JX servos seems not be available any more. Is the rotation of 300 degrees necessary for the movement of the fingers, or can a servo with 180 degrees and 25 kg be used?

    • Hello,
      A little search on Google with “JX PDI 6225” shows many sites selling the JX servo.
      Which country are you from? Maybe some countries are restricted..

      • could be a issue such as supply chains also ik in America rn we have a biggggggggg issue with that

      • I am from Germany. I saw also some offers, but the delivery conditions seems not to be reliable. From GB I ordered some JX Servos but after 8 weeks of waiting they didn’t arrive.
        So I think it’s better to look for similar servos.