• Andrey posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    @admin Hello everyone, how did you connect the Kinect from the xbox 360 to the PC? The Kinect wire has a similar connector to USB type A, but there are differences.

    • There are a few differences including the numbers of pins.
      I purchased a few years ago, and adaptor cable that came with a 12Vdc Power supply.
      It has the required plug socket for the Kinect to plug into with two wires coming out, one to the power supply, the other to a USB type A plug that connects to your computer.
      Something like this:

      • Understood thanks. Have you tried installing the new NIXIE firmware for the robot? Does Kinect work with the latest firmware?

        • I have with mixed results.
          When I add the services manually, they all appear to work well.
          I can not use the standard InMoov services as I’m running a non-standard build with the PCA9685 servo driver boards in the head and back.
          The scripts I have created for my build appear to work on Manticore, but the servos are not working in Nixie.
          I haven’t tried the Kinect at all yet, not sure the Raspberry pi has the power yet, but the OpenCV with the Raspberry Pi camera does work well with the Nixie build.
          Hopefully the bugs I’m seeing are going to be easy to fix.
          Most likely just differences in the way services need to be started in Nixie that can be coded in.