• RentaPrinta posted an update 9 years, 2 months ago

    Part 2

    • Hey very clean work!! What did you spray on it? Polyester car filer?
      I see, you did close the holes around the mouth. Nice job and keep us posted!!

      • I use white prime for all material.

        I can tell you what work it was:

        1. I printed some parts together – like you know
        2. i use “one-second glue” to put the parts together
        (that i will get one part)
        3. i use gast ( german “gips”) – then i drag the head
        4. i spray with primer.
        5. again drag the head
        6. from 3. to 5. i think 10 times.

        So after 2 weeks it looks like that!

        Still it´s missing white varnish and for the end clear varnish on top.

        To see how it can look like – In my new post .

      • PS: I forgot one important info:

        I printed all parts in PLA in 100% with a Ultimaker 2 in 0.1 layer thickness with 50 mm/s . So i one way it take a while, but on the other hand i have the possibilty to polish/drag/grind the part or cut small pieces away.