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      • OK, it looks very much like a Tech Shop in the U.S. Relative to InMoov, I would have to say that the InMoov is the most printer intensive project I have done to date. Many of the longer 4-5 hour prints I let run overnight. I think these facilities have rules about unattended machines or not allowing overnight operations, so I can’t imagine printing an InMoov at someone else’s shop, even if it is open 24 x 7, especially where you have to sign up for a time slot to use the machine. On the other hand, they usually do have some helpful people there to offer advice if you need it.

      • Hi and hello,
        nice to meet the InMoov Community. We startet building you robot a week ago. It´s name is Bob. 🙂 I did some calculation with Cura for all Parts in High Quality we will need 455 days until our robot is ready. It´s a long journey and maybe we will find some shortcuts on our way. Looking forward to share our experience with all of you. Thank you for this awesome project! Kind Regards Robert