• ioxlab posted an update 7 years, 4 months ago

    rob part 5

    • Hello ioxLab,
      Thanks for posting a picture of your progress. May I suggest augmenting the back sucking setting on your printer? This will avoid those small filament hair you have on the edges.
      Another suggestion concerning the time print you posted on your other post.
      There is many parts that really don’t need to be printed in high quality, which will save you a LOT of time! I understand that you want a super clean robot, but it’s better to have a complete robot not too clean, than only a arm super clean…
      It has been my way of seing the project since the beginning anyway.

      • Hi, thanks for your tipps. At the moment I am writing a list with all components and – because I am german 😉 – a plan when I want to get all the parts printed. I also figured out that I could set the the Speed on the Ultimaker 2 to 200 % without any Quality lost. So I can harvest parts faster. :))

        Want to have Bob – Name of the Robot – as soon as possible. Interesting Thing: Why robots need to have a name? :))