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    Hello everyone,
    me again. I’m looking now at which power supply I need to take. The hardware map says that a 6v 60amps power supply is currently used, while it is also offered that 50 amps can be used. Now my question is which is better and whether 60amps will damage the whole electronics or it is only important what is the output voltage and that is 6v. Thanks in advance. And yes, I promise to photograph my entire process of assembling the robot itself.

    • That Amps rating is the Maximum the Power Supply Unit (PSU) can supply, the voltage is the one that can blow things up.
      You want the 6V output, most of the gear used in an Inmoov will tolerate a 6V supply, most don’t like going too low.
      If you try and draw more than the PSU’s maximum current, the output voltage will drop, and all the electronics will reset, not all at the same time.
      This can lead to some very erratic movements and can even be violent enough to break parts on your robot.
      Some builder have found reliable operation with a 50 Amp PSU, but the 60 Amp will give you a margin of safety.
      The other thing to remember is the size of the wires you use, Wires do create a voltage drop that increases with current or the length of the wire.
      Use at least an 8AWG or a pair of 12AWG wires from the PSU to your robot.
      If your PSU is going to be some distance from the robot, go with a bigger wire again.
      The voltage drop in the wire has been blamed on the PSU before….


      • Ray, thanks a lot for the nice explanation.

        • It helps to be an Electrician when looking at things like Power 🙂
          Voltage drop is something that is not well understood by most builders, or a lot of electricians as well 🙂
          I did have my Inmoov Fred try to explain it:

          I hope that link help you and others out a bit 🙂