• Jan posted an update 8 years, 1 month ago

    Hi there Colleague InMoov-builders, this is our first post in this forum.

    My son Wouter and I started to build our InMoov last winter and below you can see how far we have come. We have our now busy finishing the lower stomach part. (see picture below)

    From the Blog we know Gael is very determent to let InMoov walk on its own two feet. That would be great, but it will be a hell of a job.
    In the mean time we were thinking about a temporary solution for how to let InMoov ‘walk ‘around in our house. We’ve read many posts about this and saw some solutions on wheels etc.
    Recently a Dutch company introduced the OxBoard. A sort of little Segway and payable. See picture below and there website http://www.oxboard.nl]

    Wouter and I decided to buy one and it really is a funny thing and quit easy to handle. We are trying now to let Our InMoov stand on the oxboard on temporary legs with only ankle joints to control the OxBoard. We don’t know if it will be possible to make it balance, but in the mean time we will add an extra support frame on castors to keep it on its feet. See our rough design below.

    As we are no great designers like Gael, so cannot print nice plastics legs, we have bought some connectors and tube type ‘key-clamp’ and painted it black and white. (see picture below)

    And we’ve printed two combinations of the bicep servo holder and the neck piston as ‘Achilles’. (see picture below)

    We are now busy assembling the ‘legs’. Hopefully our InMoov likes its new ‘chassis’…

    We will keep you informed!

    Best regards,
    Wouter and Jan Janson

    • Hello Wouter and Jan,

      Welcome to this InMoov Community 🙂

      I hope your idea will work without any problems.
      I’m a little bit afraid about this, because InMoov is hard Fixt to the Oxboard.
      This makes it more complex to find a good (mechanical) solution, to control the Oxboard.
      I hope there is a option to get in contact with the makers from the Oxboard…
      So you can ask for a other way, to communicate with the Oxboard.
      If they are free to help with this, I’m sure that more people are interested in this solution.

      Met vriendelijke groet,
      Marten 🙂

    • Hi Marten,

      Thanks for you welcome.
      Perhaps I will try to get in contact with the makers from the Oxboard, but for now we continue to finish our idea. We will keep you informed.

      M.vr.gr. Jan

    • Hi jan, could you send me back a message, I can’t find back the trace of our conversation, that is why you didn’t hear from me anymore…