• jhack posted an update 10 years, 7 months ago

    hi, all
    just got back home from the sydney mini maker faire, i took this video just before packing up.

    • Wow! Great job! The glowing light on the chest is cool, and I like the fact you amplified it’s voice for people to hear what he says. During my shows, I always have a headphone and nobody knows how InMoov talks. Have you been able to do voice commands also? I can see someone on the left corner with the InMoov T-shirt 🙂

    • I hope you really enjoyed yourself during this event.

    • hi Gael, i was using voice commands to triger the speeches and other gestures, it was a fun day even thought i only go about 20min to have a look around.

    • the person in the video is my farther inlaw, looking after my 3d printer and explaning how they work to people.