• juerg posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    I have created a small howto about my currently preferred finger assembling.


    • Clean prints in your how to! What resolution do you print with?
      Your requirement for drill bits is slightly smaller than mine, it varies pretty much according to your printers settings and filament supplier.

      • Thanks Gael
        My printer is a Multec 300 and I print most everything with 0.1 mm layer and 2.85 mm filament.
        After spending a lot of time with aceton slurry and removing/reattaching the print bed sheet I print now only PLA-HT on a “never have to change” printbed. The vertical surfaces tend to be a bit rough, I assume due to the fact that the Z-axis has not an attached stepper motor but uses a belt to move it.
        PLA-HT is easy to print, only 50 degrees for the print bed, and it is tougher than ABS. My print bed gives me shining surfaces on the first layer and I can use superglue to attach parts. For rougher surfaces I haven’t found the perfect glue yet so I try to use screws wherever possible.
        I have