• juerg posted an update 7 years, 10 months ago

    Tried to create a self levelling hand for InMoov. I use a BNO055 for the pitch/roll recognition and a Arduino Nano for the servo control.
    I had to redesign the hand connector to allow for a low friction movements of the strings. I used cutted nails and distance holders for easy movement. I have also redesigned WristLarge to have bumps on the wrist rather then the quick and dirty screw that is currently in place. The rightrobpart2V3 needed also a change to allow for the servo to bend the hand and allow for short and straight string path’s.
    Tried to use a wrench servo to have a 180 degree hand rotation but it shows a funny behaviour with direction change. As a single degree change for the servo rotates the hand too much I tried to control the servo with writeMicroseconds(). This works fine when moving in 1 direction, on direction change it however only moves with a big first step resulting in a rather large jiggle on the rotation axis.
    I plan to hide the BNO055 in the hand cover, the controller can go next to the servo.

    Video is here https://youtu.be/1OOPl9AN4Go
    ( I still have problems using this posting site and never know what will work and what not 🙂 )

    • Very nice Juerg!! This looks awesome!
      I like the accelerometer effect shown in your video. The place where you have set your servo is a place for to set an extra servo, so I’m glad to see you did good use of that space.
      I see you added a piece to mount the rear part of the servo. In one of my previous design the servo was lining sideway at that same spot.
      I can see also that you managed the space to let the tendons of the fingers run between the two screws you added between the rotawrist3V2.stl and WristlargeV4.stl.
      Very good!