• juerg posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    Removable Forearm

    When I started to wire my InMoov there heavent’t been Nervo Bords available so I did set up cabling with the method Mats showed on one of his posts – using Mini-Display cables and terminater boards.
    I first had my cables go right down into the forearm but this practically disabled the option of removing the forearm from the upper arm.
    So I replaced the upper arm spacer with a self created one that allows to fit in the plug of the separate lower arm cable part and then connect the terminator to it. This hands off also all the torque on the cable when moving the bicep to the cable colder and not to the signal carrying wires.
    The amazing thing is how often I now find myself unplugging the forearm to work on it on the table and not in an uncomfortable position beside or below my InMoov.
    Power is routed separately with clippable contacts (Wago 221).

    • Thanks for posting this. It looks very good. But I think you have seen it on Markus build, not mine. So all credits to him.

      • Hi Mats
        Thanks for pointing this out and sorry Markus for not mentioning you instead. I mixed up your names and it’s Markus who holds the record in disassembling InMoov for transportation in a suitecase!

    • Hi Juerg, the route that Markus took with these connectors was very impressive.
      Marten, Leon and I had already been working on the Nervo Board and had started the first batchs when I saw his connections, other wise we might have proposed something similar.